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are you all talk

I feel I am sometimes. Only when it comes to making myself “better”. I want to loose 10lbs. I want to drink less. I want to save money. All common “goals”. 

Why are they so hard to follow through with for some of us? Lack of will power?

I told myself and my husband that 2013 is going to be our year of growth, of better-ness. Both got promoted. We have more space. So our surrounds have become better.

Now its time to better our health. Our family. Become stronger.


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do you have an “acceptable profession”

There are many professions I chose to be when I grew up. A teacher, a ballet dancer and even a marine biologist (love shark week!). Being a teacher, professional athlete or nurse are typical childhood dreams of what we want to be. No one usually goes through life saying “I want to be the manager at Burger King” or “I want to be a Debt Collector for a large collection company”. No. These are not typical childhood dreams. I would even say these are not seen as typical “Acceptable Professions”. When you hear about someone working for a bank or a hospital, you think, “Wow, they must have a nice job.” You see this person in your mind as being professional and well put together. When you hear about someone working at Burger King, you may think “Wow, where did they step of the beaten path? They must live with their parents still.” Even though these may be first reactions, they are not the correct ones. I must say I am guilty of judging people by what they do. But I have learned to tell myself, someone has to do it. When I walk in to order my burger, don’t I expect someone to be there to take my order? When I take my car to be washed, don’t I expect someone to wash it? We judge others on what they do, but we expect someone to do it. Do we just not want to know the person doing it? Would we prefer them to stay anonymous? Why do we feel the need to judge someone for what they do instead of who they are?
I am not sure I have a great answer or an ending for this blog. This is just something that I have been pondering for awhile now. I’d like to say that you shouldn’t allow others thinking to sway how you feel about what you do or love. But that can be the nature of the beast. Do you feel the need to have an “acceptable profession”?

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if you look like a duck and quack like a duck…you may be a horse

I know. I know. That isn’t how that normally goes. But think about it. So many people are molded to think they are a duck so they better quack like one. But really inside they hate the water and don’t want to waddle when running. They feel mighty and strong and want to run faster than the wind. These people can be hard to recognize as they fear straying from their duck-like ways will bring them to be disowned or disliked. When I come across someone who is struggling with this I feel sadness for them. I am quick to say that in most cases, I feel this feature of ourselves is learned. Fear of letting down a parent who wants their ducklings to walk as they do. Group of peers who have identified themselves as a certain class of people. Or even fear of letting down ourselves. We have this idea of who and where we want to be years from now but when we get there it may not be the pond we expected. A battle we all face at some point in our lives. It’s like hitting a 4-way stop. Do I go straight and keep myself and everything I do the same? Or do I turn left and stray from what I know? I really hate that for some of us out there this question is way harder than it should be. I am lucky to have had and still do have a great herd that allow me to be me. Yes I have come up with some corky ideas. And not everyone in my circle are still with me today. We have to learn how to spot the ones who will bring us down. I pray that my children get to experience this journey called life as I have. But they will go on and choose the people they want in their gathering. I will do my best to make them strong enough to keep the supportive folks and to buck the people who are a hazard to their happiness.
For anyone wanting to be the horse, let down your mane and let out a loud “NEIGH”. Life will then be bliss if you accept your TRUE nature.