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the home life

Simple, complicated

relaxing, stressful

smiles, tears

Fairies, monsters









love my life


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are you all talk

I feel I am sometimes. Only when it comes to making myself “better”. I want to loose 10lbs. I want to drink less. I want to save money. All common “goals”. 

Why are they so hard to follow through with for some of us? Lack of will power?

I told myself and my husband that 2013 is going to be our year of growth, of better-ness. Both got promoted. We have more space. So our surrounds have become better.

Now its time to better our health. Our family. Become stronger.

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my village

Babies are asleep.

The long day is over.

I am enjoying my..well a glass of wine.

I have got my hubby next to me re-watching the first season of “Weeds”.

Life feels good.

Excited for our date this weekend!! It’s been a long time since we have had a date.

Keeping life interesting after babies I have heard is hard, but the “village” that helps you raise your kids sure helps you when you need husband and wife time.

I have the best village.

Thank you village people.

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so what’s new with you

The go-to question. We have all used it when we can’t think of anything else to say to someone. And nine times out of ten the response given is, “Oh not much. Just been working. What is new with you?”

Really…what a boring life.I can say this as that is my normal response. But let’s dive in shall we. What have I really been doing?!

-I have been watching my five month old master being a roly-poly. Makes me smile every time she does it because she grunts trying to get over her chubby baby tummy.

-My three year old has started dance class and getting to see her share an experience that I can relate to is very exciting! Having her come home, talking non-stop (and not everything I can understand), trying to get out (quickly) everything she learned. Then trying to show me each step and how to say it. SHUFFLE-STEP she says as she smacks her tap shoe on to my kitchen floor.

-I’ve taken on more responsibilities at work and that has allowed me to become better at my job. Working towards the next step is an everyday challenge but it is one that I am enjoying. Yes, I am one of the lucky people who enjoy what I do and the people I work with. Envy Me!

-My husband and I have been connecting and learning more and more about each other recently. Not bad, but after six and half years it’s nice to know we still have lots to learn. It sure keeps things interesting and keeps us on our toes. But one thing that isn’t new and I hope never changes is how my husband and I love to be with each other and our children. (of course on occasion we wish everyone would vanish into the floor for a few hours…but that is rare)

We all have new adventures and experiences that we come across…so…What’s new with you?

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how we became

Almost 6 1/2 years ago I met my husband at a local bar…very romantic right?! He was 24 and I thought he was sleeping standing up when I first met him. I was…not suppose to be in the bar (almost 19)…but let’s move on. We did the typical dating routine. Go out to dinner, movie, concerts, more movies. It was good. Even though all relationships have their ups and downs and all-a-rounds, we managed to bring our hearts back together stronger than before.

3 years and 3 months ago we welcomed our little not so planned surprise, Riley. I don’t think either one of us really knew what we were doing the day we came home from the hospital but as of today she can walk, talk, eat on her own, sleep all night, very polite and is potty trained. So we did something right.

Almost 5 months ago we welcomed our little planned surprise, Reese. We have a better idea of what babies are all about this time but are still finding new bridges that we didn’t have to cross with our first. As of today she is smiling, cooing, eating like she is starved, teething and waking up more than I would like at night. But, we at still trying to figure each other out.

I love to sit and watch Riley talk to Reese. Kissing her on her forehead. Talking in a very high-pitched voice that eventually disturbs us all but before it gets to that point, so cute.

I have always said that I couldn’t have picked a better man to be the father of my children. He is such a hands on dad. Although, night-time daddy duty kind of fell apart with the second baby…but anyways. He will be the first one to volunteer to change a dirty diaper or give the girls a bath. He is great about knowing when I need a break and almost pushes me out the door to go do something other than burping a baby. I feel very thankful for him and I don’t tell him that enough.

I love my family. Even when dealing with the parts that are not as fun, I know that at the end of the day we are all happy to be together.

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if you look like a duck and quack like a duck…you may be a horse

I know. I know. That isn’t how that normally goes. But think about it. So many people are molded to think they are a duck so they better quack like one. But really inside they hate the water and don’t want to waddle when running. They feel mighty and strong and want to run faster than the wind. These people can be hard to recognize as they fear straying from their duck-like ways will bring them to be disowned or disliked. When I come across someone who is struggling with this I feel sadness for them. I am quick to say that in most cases, I feel this feature of ourselves is learned. Fear of letting down a parent who wants their ducklings to walk as they do. Group of peers who have identified themselves as a certain class of people. Or even fear of letting down ourselves. We have this idea of who and where we want to be years from now but when we get there it may not be the pond we expected. A battle we all face at some point in our lives. It’s like hitting a 4-way stop. Do I go straight and keep myself and everything I do the same? Or do I turn left and stray from what I know? I really hate that for some of us out there this question is way harder than it should be. I am lucky to have had and still do have a great herd that allow me to be me. Yes I have come up with some corky ideas. And not everyone in my circle are still with me today. We have to learn how to spot the ones who will bring us down. I pray that my children get to experience this journey called life as I have. But they will go on and choose the people they want in their gathering. I will do my best to make them strong enough to keep the supportive folks and to buck the people who are a hazard to their happiness.
For anyone wanting to be the horse, let down your mane and let out a loud “NEIGH”. Life will then be bliss if you accept your TRUE nature.

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i use Facebook to stay connected

So while on my facebook page today I came across not one but two posts of “friends” fighting with their significant other. Saw about 4 people complaining about something and ended with FML. I could have done without seeing any of that. My life would not have been missing anything if I didn’t know that someone didn’t come home last night so they obviously are cheating and I’m over them. That someone’s phone is glitchy so FML. I keeping lying to myself saying “I only have a Facebook to stay connected with people”. I don’t actually connect with anyone on there. I just get to know way too much about their lives. And then I think it is really funny when those people who posted those personal issues on the Internet get upset with fellow readers choose to use the comment button to add in their two cents about the situation. IF YOU PUT IT ONLINE IT IS FAIR GAME!

So if I feel so annoyed with all of this, why am I not running to hit the delete button under my account settings?