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i will wait, i will wait for you

“I will wait for your” by Mumford & Sons is playing on the radio and I am thinking, how appropriate.

I will wait for the new company to call me and hopefully give me a promotion.

I will wait for 6:00p.m. to come so I can see my family and rest easy.

I will wait, I will wait for life to be back in balance and semi less stressful.

I will wait for this weekend to get our Christmas tree so I can take my mind off the unknown.

I will wait, I will wait for all of this.

It’s hard to wait.


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i finished in 3553 place

Thanksgiving day I jogged/walked my first 5k. No training. Haven’t done a whole lot of working out since I had my youngest 7 months ago. I was pumped to do it. So the count down began…5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!! I was off!! Going good. Going good. Going good. Going…alright. Going…going..what was I thinking! Then I heard “that’s half a mile folks!” WHAT!?!

Oh lord ok. No turning back now!

About a mile later it seemed to get easier…per say. I luckily had two great cheerleaders pushing me through it!

I see the finish line! I hear a cheerleader say “ok now sprint!!!!” Wahhhhhhhhhhhh hahaha I finished!! Oh I am going to barf!

Thank goodness, I didn’t barf. But I did finish!! And about 10min later I got the “runners high” I heard so much about. Felt great. So glad I did it. I could feel every muscle in my body and they were not happy but who cares. I finished!

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holy moly…’tis the season already

So Wow!

Next week. Thanksgiving!

I feel like life has been so crazy that I can’t even begin to think about putting my Christmas tree up, which we do every year the weekend after Thanksgiving.

I feel the need to force myself into the holiday spirit as it will be Reese’s 1st Christmas and Riley is starting to get the idea..I think.

Also, a lot of things could possibly be changing this season.

A promotion may be happening for both my husband and I. We may be moving to a bigger home! (SO NEEDED! Baby items are not fun to decorate our home with!)

So I feel like with the added stress (not necessarily bad stress) it is hard to focus on all the fun festivities that are almost upon us.

What do you do to amp yourself up for the holidays? I could use a few ideas!