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This is frustrating! I felt like once I started this blog I was able to get everything out and into the universe. I was able to type, type, type and now I have nothing.

I thought that if I just started typing maybe something would start to flow.

I have had a pretty relaxed week.

My job allows for much flexibility. I love that I don’t have to get stuck ALL day sitting behind a desk..except for Mondays. I am usually always behind my desk that day.

My house could use an organizing/clean overhaul.

The last three nights my almost 6 month old has slept all night! – I hope I don’t blow the trend by saying that out loud!

It has been pretty warm this week but is supposed to cool off extremely starting tomorrow. I love the fall weather. Makes me feel all cozy.

I sometimes wonder how some working moms have the energy to do it all. Work, look great, eat well, work out, kids always look presentable and always seem happy…is there a pill for that?

Is it normal to go through this drought of  “writers block” if you will. Not that I really consider myself a writer but a thinker who types. I would be afraid to call myself a writer. I wouldn’t want to offend the actual REAL (talented) writers out there.

Well I guess that is it for now.

Till next time.


Author: onyourwaytolalaland

Children, Love, Family and Dance. Blogging, for me, is an outlet that doesn't require consistency. Thank you for visiting.

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