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sunday fun day = football?



September brings the end of Summer, my husbands birthday and football. Oh Football.
Growing up my father would watch the Dallas Cowboys every Sunday (or Thursday or whenever football is on). He would usually fall asleep watching the players move one yard every 10 minuets but if you tried to change the channel..”Hey! I was watching the game!” Several times I would sit on the couch and try to understand what these guys in helmets were doing. Huddle, set the ball, throw the ball, man with ball gets hit, repeat. I would start to wonder off in my head. Look around the room. “Aw! Blue, you are so cute laying on the floor, snuggling with your stuffed doggie animal. Yes you are! Such a good doggie!” Blue was our huge yellow lab we had growing up. He was the sweetest and loving…Oh my football story! Right!

I swore I would never marry a man who was into football. I just thought it was so pointless and boring! And 3-4 hours long! I can’t even watch a movie that is that long without having to pause it for a “get up and stretch” break.

So here is football season 2012-2013. My husband is in 4 Fantasy Football leagues and I have had to finally come to terms with football being the topic of conversation for the next 5 months or so. In my attempt of being “interested” I have been involved in a “pick ’em league” the past few years. All I have to do is pick which teams I think I am going to win. Pretty simple. I usually think about what their team colors are or who their mascot is. BUT HEY! That way of thinking made me champion in our league last year!

So happy football Sunday folk!

Oh and Go Chiefs! (My husband makes me say that)


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3 thoughts on “sunday fun day = football?

  1. I also never understood the big football fascination but to finally enjoy and be involved with it I also joined a week by week football pool. Before, I could never tell you when football was on and now I know there is one game Thurs night and then Sundays and one on Monday. Out of the last 4 weeks I have won 2 of the weeks pools totally $170!!!! yeah!!! I, too, picked teams based on whatever I chose other than their records or abilities since I knew nothing about any of them. Now I am actually doing a little research to see who is doing what before I pick my teams….I’m rather enjoying it…..so my advice to you girlfriends, moms, wives that sit on the sideline while your other half is enjoying the drama of football….get involved and play along….you’ll be amazed that you will become interested once you have $$ on the table and knowing that your picks are just as reliable as theirs!!!! You may become more obsessed than your male counterpart is with it and he may not be able to drag you away from the tv watching monday night football. Can’t he give the kids their bath? You can give him an update when he’s done!!!! 🙂

  2. And now to add—-
    His sports world is now complete! He found out our cable provider started offering the NFL Network..before I could even process the words ” WE HAVE TO GET IT NOW!” it was added.

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