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‘skinny fat’ vs ‘large and in charge’

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I have always felt myself to be semi athletic. You know, OK shape. Well the other day I took my first Pilates class. I feel like I have been very mistaken. “You want me to do what?!” was a thought I had many times during the class with my eyes as big as the balls we were putting behind our knees and squeezing to work our legs harder. A few times even think I cursed out loud. My apologies to the ladies of the class.

The instructor would say, “OK, 20 more! Keep Going!” WHAT!?! As I am looking around the room, wondering if any of these other women were feeling my pain, I notice that there were a handful of women in the class who were on the larger end of the spectrum. I was amazed. They were keeping up with the instructor as if they had been doing these ridiculous moves all their lives. They looked so calm and in control of their movements. Then I caught a glimpse of myself in the full, wall length mirror. Not a pretty site. My face was flushed and I looked like I was being stabbed in the buttocks (we were working out our glutes). I bet they all were wondering if I was going to need medical assistance.

Throughout the class I continued to look up at the clock. A few times I would have sworn time stood still. The hour-long class kept moving and the other women moving right along with it. I, lying on my mat, wondered what I was thinking! Breath. Work thought the pain.

At the end of the class, lunging for my water and a soft place to sit, I am watching the ladies I had been watching all class chat and laugh about TV shows they watched the night before. I felt like death.

Today, I am wondering how they are feeling. I am so sore all over my body. (it even hurts to type out this blog) But that just means it worked, right? I bet they are saying, “That was nothing let’s do it again!” Yeah we can do it again…maybe next week.

Great Job Ladies! I hope one day I can be as amazing as you!!!


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One thought on “‘skinny fat’ vs ‘large and in charge’

  1. Remember You are in great shape as a dancer! However you just had a BABY 5 months ago! It will take a bit to get your stamina built back up! Love you!

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