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Almost 6 1/2 years ago I met my husband at a local bar…very romantic right?! He was 24 and I thought he was sleeping standing up when I first met him. I was…not suppose to be in the bar (almost 19)…but let’s move on. We did the typical dating routine. Go out to dinner, movie, concerts, more movies. It was good. Even though all relationships have their ups and downs and all-a-rounds, we managed to bring our hearts back together stronger than before.

3 years and 3 months ago we welcomed our little not so planned surprise, Riley. I don’t think either one of us really knew what we were doing the day we came home from the hospital but as of today she can walk, talk, eat on her own, sleep all night, very polite and is potty trained. So we did something right.

Almost 5 months ago we welcomed our little planned surprise, Reese. We have a better idea of what babies are all about this time but are still finding new bridges that we didn’t have to cross with our first. As of today she is smiling, cooing, eating like she is starved, teething and waking up more than I would like at night. But, we at still trying to figure each other out.

I love to sit and watch Riley talk to Reese. Kissing her on her forehead. Talking in a very high-pitched voice that eventually disturbs us all but before it gets to that point, so cute.

I have always said that I couldn’t have picked a better man to be the father of my children. He is such a hands on dad. Although, night-time daddy duty kind of fell apart with the second baby…but anyways. He will be the first one to volunteer to change a dirty diaper or give the girls a bath. He is great about knowing when I need a break and almost pushes me out the door to go do something other than burping a baby. I feel very thankful for him and I don’t tell him that enough.

I love my family. Even when dealing with the parts that are not as fun, I know that at the end of the day we are all happy to be together.


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Children, Love, Family and Dance. Blogging, for me, is an outlet that doesn't require consistency. Thank you for visiting.

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