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an apology letter

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Dear “It’s all your fault and never my fault” People,

I would like to start off by saying Thank You. Thank you for making sure that I knew that the reason you have a horrible life and can’t do the responsible thing is my fault. I didn’t realize that you losing your job because you can’t get your act together is my fault. I want to apologize for the inconvenient issues I have caused you.

Please feel free to call me at 1-800-not my problem or email me at getyourcraptogether@yourearliestconvience.com .

I will be more than happy to listen to you so sweetly tell me how awful I am for doing my job.

My Sincere Apologies,

La “Give me Break” La



Author: onyourwaytolalaland

Children, Love, Family and Dance. Blogging, for me, is an outlet that doesn't require consistency. Thank you for visiting.

One thought on “an apology letter

  1. Bad day? I am so sorry!

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