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sunday fun day = football?


September brings the end of Summer, my husbands birthday and football. Oh Football.
Growing up my father would watch the Dallas Cowboys every Sunday (or Thursday or whenever football is on). He would usually fall asleep watching the players move one yard every 10 minuets but if you tried to change the channel..”Hey! I was watching the game!” Several times I would sit on the couch and try to understand what these guys in helmets were doing. Huddle, set the ball, throw the ball, man with ball gets hit, repeat. I would start to wonder off in my head. Look around the room. “Aw! Blue, you are so cute laying on the floor, snuggling with your stuffed doggie animal. Yes you are! Such a good doggie!” Blue was our huge yellow lab we had growing up. He was the sweetest and loving…Oh my football story! Right!

I swore I would never marry a man who was into football. I just thought it was so pointless and boring! And 3-4 hours long! I can’t even watch a movie that is that long without having to pause it for a “get up and stretch” break.

So here is football season 2012-2013. My husband is in 4 Fantasy Football leagues and I have had to finally come to terms with football being the topic of conversation for the next 5 months or so. In my attempt of being “interested” I have been involved in a “pick ’em league” the past few years. All I have to do is pick which teams I think I am going to win. Pretty simple. I usually think about what their team colors are or who their mascot is. BUT HEY! That way of thinking made me champion in our league last year!

So happy football Sunday folk!

Oh and Go Chiefs! (My husband makes me say that)


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come here unicorn

Watching the news has always made me feel sad, confused and unsettled. It just seems as if there is nothing positive going on. It make me sad and fearful for my children. I feel that “back in the day” kids didn’t have to worry about drive-bys, people exposing themselves to them (which by the way…what the hell!) and you could let your child get ice cream from the ice cream man with no fears. Kids now have to worry about Stranger Danger even more than when I was a kid. You now have to worry about them going to the movies….they may get shot! Better get a bullet proof vest with that popcorn.

I have to say that I live in a world filled of rainbows and unicorns. I know what is going on out there but yes, I do prefer to go about my day thinking about the good things in the world but it is really getting hard. Like for example, I recently heard a story about a mom who didn’t want to or sadly felt like she couldn’t take care of her children anymore so she drove her car, with her children in it, into a lake! How is that going to solve your problems! I mean don’t get me wrong lady, I get frustrated with my brats just like the next mom and I may even sometimes imagine punting my oldest off my balcony (of course she is always fine when she lands!!! AND of course I would never! Don’t call child services on me!) but seriously! Killing my children would never be an act I would even ponder. So now you get to sit in a jail cell for life thinking about what you did…I’d rather listen to my kid complain that she doesn’t want to go to bed without her tap shoes.

Rainbows and Unicorns…what a peaceful place. Everyone, come join me here.


i almost didn’t make it to my car…pilates update

Wow! What a workout! I almost didn’t go. Had a moment of “Eh I think I just want to go home and get into my pjs”. But I snapped myself out of it and told myself I have to keep going! So glad I did. Plus I feel like I have alot of energy today, which I know my workout  contributed to that. (I have a 5 month old who still gets up at least once in the middle of the night. So most days I feel a little sleepy)

So last night was the Barre Amped class and it was great! I almost fell down when I stepped off the curb walking to my car! Today…legs can feel the burn, arms feel the burn, and my side abs and love-handles feel the burn! Not sure how we got those last two areas to work. But that is what I have found to be the great thing about Pilates. You are working one part of your body, but because of how you are instructed to hold your posture and keeping your core tight, you are working more muscles than you realize! **I sound like a walking advertisement for Pilates..Yikes**

This was my second class I have taken and I will be doing it again. I am going to give myself a few days to recover thought.

On top of doing Pilates and my dance class I am really watching my portion control. I am also stopping and making sure I am really hungry and not just bored before I eat. I am a night time snacker! (who isn’t?) Queso and Chips, Ice Cream, Cereal…oh so good…has now been (not cut out) just lessened.

Like I said in my last post…I hope I can keep this going!

Come on fellow workout-ers! Don’t Stop!

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bring it on pilates, you don’t scare me

So I am anxiously awaiting 6:30p.m. central standard time. It is my continued challenge  into the world of Pilates. Tonight I will be taking a Barre Amped class. It involves Pilates done at a ballet barre. But, a bit of a disappointment, I do not think it is going to be like the ballet classes I’ve taken in the past. I think this is going to be more like “BURN BABY BURN”! Work those thighs!

After having my second child, I have realized bouncing back isn’t as easy as the first. I have done a pretty good job getting back into MOST of my pants but have some I am still working on getting into. Isn’t that so strange? How is it that only SOME pants will fit?! If they are the same size, why can’t I get my ass into those but I can get into these?! An argument I often have with myself when trying on my pre-baby jeans. Think Thin!

And now for a follow up from the first class I took. I finally started to feel normal again on Sunday! I could get out of bed without feeling my “squeeze the ball tighter!” workout. Then last night I taught my first ballet class in 2 or 3 years! (LOVED IT BY THE WAY, really miss it) And as a result, I am back to having sore calves.

I am really not complaining. I love being about to feel my muscles. This is what I have been needing to do for awhile to reach my body goal. Let’s hope I can stay on track!

Happy Tuesday and here is to everyone reaching their goals! **me holding up my glass of water** CHEERS!



Do you ever wonder if you are too sensitive or easily annoyed? Like when someone says something in a tone that may not sit well with you. Makes your mood all funky. I feel when I get annoyed or upset and put over the top I can’t help it. I try to tell myself, chill out and bring ur attitude back around. I’m a huge “you make your day what it is” kind of person and feel we are all in control of our attitudes.
Are there just days we like feeling this way? Or are there days that are just harder to keep it on the lighter side of things?

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this saturday

Saturday is back. Yet again, just as it does every week. But Today, I feel that this Saturday is a little different. Yes I am working today and I would rather be playing with my kiddos but it has been a good day.

Today feels different. There is a slightly cool, crisp wind. The sun is shining its warm face down upon us and there isn’t a cloud to be seen. It reminds me of a feeling I use to get when I was younger. Like you can take a deep breath and smell the change in the season. No worries. No stress. Calm. Peaceful. Serene.

Today, Saturday, is the first day of Autumn.