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popsicle’s: childhood addiction


It’s funny how even in early age we start our addictions. In my case my eldest is addicted toPopsicle’s. The addiction starts as a color. Mommy I want red. Mommy I was green. It isn’t I want cherry or lime. It’s the favorite color of the day or week. She became obsessed with orange. (popsicle’s that is). She ate an orange one every night. She loved the color longer than she should have. We ran out of orange. So you try to say…here try purple….wahhhhhhh no! Orange!! So what do you do? Do you cave to the addiction and buy new package of popsicle’s so you can have orange? Or do you make them overcome and break the orange addiction just to likes new colors?
Things we do for our children…are we catering to their wants or creating an addictive habit. Either way…I’ve learned to not run out of Popsicles.

Author: onyourwaytolalaland

Children, Love, Family and Dance. Blogging, for me, is an outlet that doesn't require consistency. Thank you for visiting.

2 thoughts on “popsicle’s: childhood addiction

  1. This is something I can totally relate to. My nine-year-old won’t eat the red popsicles. I end up throwing them out or giving them to the neighbor. Maybe I’m learning to pick my battles. Orange is also the hottest popsicle color at our house. Interesting. Loved the post… and thanks for the follow!

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