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Why is it that some days you feel on top of the world and some days you feel like punching the next person you see straight in their forehead? …I ask this question like I don’t know the answer to it. We are human. We are emotional, hormonal and just straight up crazy some days. But isn’t it horrible on the days you have cranky pants on and you see people who are just loving their life that day; you think “SCREW YOU!” (Haha the thought of that kind of makes me laugh.) Those people are not directly affecting you and your day. They should not be cursed at just because they got up that morning and their hair fell perfectly into place, their clothes didn’t have juice spilled on them, they hit no stop lights on the way to work and the radio is playing their favorite tune.

I put my cranky pants on today.

But you know what they say “Some days are diamonds and some days are stones but it is up to us what day we are having”….SCREW YOU! 🙂


Author: onyourwaytolalaland

Children, Love, Family and Dance. Blogging, for me, is an outlet that doesn't require consistency. Thank you for visiting.

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