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to you know who you are

To you know who you are:

It has been over a week and nothing. You do not try to make things better. You do not try to involve me in your life. Yet, that is my problem. You want me there during hard times but do not try to involve me in your happy times. I am too opinionated maybe? I am your mirror that speaks the truth you can not say out loud? Not sure. Maybe I am not a good enough person to fit into your happy times. Whatever it is, that sucks. Too bad things have to be this way.

Peace and love.



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my poor blog

Dear Blog,

How I have neglected you. It is not right. Too many letters un-typed. To many sentences without expression. I am sorry.

The world has been a blast. Stressful. Wonderful. Terrifying. and Eye Bulging all at the same time these past several months.

I know that we will be great friends again someday soon.

Thank you for your understand,


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no lecture here, just a pep talk

Feeling the need to share. Let me get it out!

I wanted to remind everyone this community is different than every other community in the area. Why is it different? Because of our reputation. We have been recognized for amazing customer service from the office staff AND maintenance staff. Not all of you were here when that happened but that shouldn’t matter. Kindness, Commutation and Responsibility goes a long way.

Greeting people as soon as they walk into the office. Helping someone with their trash. Making sure at move-in, they have nothing to come at us with that need to be fixed, cleaned, re-done. It takes a Team to keep us the best. It takes each one of us doing our jobs appropriately and effectively.

There should be no reason anyone is having a backlash from the sale any longer. EVERYONE needs to get on board with THIS team, with this community. If a team member has a question, there should be no acting annoyed. It should be answered as “of course I can help you find the answer”, especially with the Management staff.

We all have to see each other’s faces more than we see our loved ones. We are at work all day long. Don’t you want to go home knowing you did your very best and to be proud of the job you did?

Follow up is one of the most important things to anyone. We have a standard here that someone will be responded to within at least 24 hours if not sooner. If we do not know the answer, we will let the resident know, employee know, I am not sure but I am working on getting you an answer. Let me follow up with you again tomorrow to let you know what I find out.

Customer Service, doing a good job, being nice does not take long…just takes effort & choice.

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are you all talk

I feel I am sometimes. Only when it comes to making myself “better”. I want to loose 10lbs. I want to drink less. I want to save money. All common “goals”. 

Why are they so hard to follow through with for some of us? Lack of will power?

I told myself and my husband that 2013 is going to be our year of growth, of better-ness. Both got promoted. We have more space. So our surrounds have become better.

Now its time to better our health. Our family. Become stronger.